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Why advertise on Cypick?
*Exist great amount of potential audience ready to know about your business.
*Affiliate program that share your ads to our partner sites.
*Eco-friendly, Cost effective, Quick & Easy.
*High exposure, attraction that make your site get higher visiting rate. Drive more traffic from huge online communities to your business.
*Advertise your ads using Inde-Ads's sub advertising system - SSOMT(Specific Site Online Marketing Tool) system.
*Reasonable price.
*Worry-Free! All ads are manage by our online advertising expert team with 5 years experience of online marketing strategies and business promoting skills: SEO analysis, content optimization, page evaluation, market segmentation, KPT(keywords positioning tool), Meta Tags Analyzer & Link Tracker.

How to advertise?
1.Provide information as mention below:

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-Choose which type of advertisement you would like to advertise at Cypick -- Text Ad or Banner Ad.

> Banner Ads: is a graphical banner advertisement. To use this ad service, please provide image banner advertisement of your brands, products or services in size:200px x 225px(Cateegory Pages-Vertical) or 468px x 60px(Category Pages-Horizontal) or 900px x 100px(*Mainpage Top Advertisement*) (format:jpeg/png/gif) only.

> Text Ads: is a text-based advertisement. It describe your business in words without any graphical image. Please fill in your business info and description clearly and correctly, make sure you did not oblivion description to describe your business and any message that you want to deliver to your audience. We will promote your brands, products or services using your website/blog/page URL, company name, ad title and short description that you provided to us.
Please fill in below:

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-Key Words(for searching optimizing.)(e.g:"shoes,sport shoes, shoes for men,Adidas,shoes for sale" or other keywords. Minimum 1 and Maximum 5 keywords will do.)

2. Send the complete details of your business that required to

3. After we studied and evaluated your business info, we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Normally it takes 2-3 days(not included weekend). Please be patient, enjoy your day:)

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